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10 Nursing Tips to Get 2021 Started Right

10 Nursing Tips to Get 2021 Started Right

Naturally, feelings of refreshment, renewal, and hope often accompany the start of a new year. Thus, the ever-impending New Years Resolutions (how are those coming so far?). But coming off a year like 2020, many of us entered 2021 exhausted, weary, and anxious about what’s to come with the continued pandemic.

10 Nursing Tips to Get 2021 Started Right

Every heard the old adage, “Focus only on what you can control”? So, so, so much is out of your hands right now – and that can be pretty nerve-wracking. But, when things are hectic or unsure, it can help to narrow your focus on what’s in front of you and do the best you can with what you have.

So, here’s what we’re thinking: Let’s do just that. Let’s get 2021 started in the best way possible. So, if you’re in week two of 2021 and already feeling it, take a deep breath – you’ve got this, and here’s 10 tips to help.


1. Take Breaks

Don’t burn yourself out by working or parenting or “adulting” around the clock with no breaks in between. Regularly give yourself time to breathe and reset – you’ll be a better nurse and a better YOU for it.

2. Smile often and a lot

This is a great piece of advice if you’re feeling especially stressed and anxious lately. There have been numerous studies that show smiling releases those ever-important endorphins and serotonin that can help you feel better. So, share a smile and a laugh with a coworker or a friend – it’s good for you.

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3. get organized

You’re a nurse – you have a ton to do, pretty much always. Even if you’re the best and most experienced nurse in the world, things are going to feel even more overwhelming if you don’t have a clear picture of what needs to be done and if your environment is cluttered and disorganized. Take some time to organize yourself and what you need to do each day; use your phone, smartwatch, or a calendar to help. It also helps to keep any workstations clear of clutter.

4. look to the future

Plan for the changes you want. Whether it’s furthering your education, making a career change, or taking a trip to that adorable bed and breakfast you’ve had your eye on; evaluate your goals and work towards them. Take small steps and remember – no matter how small the goal is, it’s just important to keep yourself propelling forward.

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5. eat right

When you’re always on the run and working long shifts, eating a healthy meal can seem like a distant dream. Here’s the thing, though: your health and your productivity go hand-in-hand with how you fuel your body. Try to pre-pack your lunches at home (we have some great ideas here) and keep some healthy and easy-to-grab snacks on hand. You’ll be thanking yourself later.

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6. exercise

You knew this one was coming next – but it’s seriously so, so important. We know exercising is the last thing on your mind when you’ve been on your feet all day, but as a nurse, you know it’s a must. Here are some great workouts you can do right in the breakroom.

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7. Be Your own advocate

You advocate for your patients all day, but don’t forget to advocate for yourself. You are your own best hero – remember this the next time you’re gunning for that new position, or your uncomfortable with a situation, or you feel you’re being looked over.

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8. Make lists

Not only do check lists help keep you organized, but they can be extremely satisfying as you check off those boxes. Keep your lists short so you can complete them often before moving on to the next one.

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9. Take care of your feet

Because you’re on your feet all day, you’re often prone to having more foot or lower extremity pain and health issues than average. Prioritize taking care of your feet. Here’s more on that and what you can do.

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10. Stop to Chat

With the pandemic and your extremely hectic schedule, it can be easy to feel isolated at times. Make an extra effort to stop and chat with your coworkers, your kiddos, and other loved ones, even for just a moment. It feels good to feel connected.

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How is your 2021 so far? What are you doing to get the year started right? Let us know in the comments below!

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