They Call You a Hero.

But You’re Also Human.

It’s true…being a nurse has made you resilient. But it doesn’t mean you don’t feel all the feels sometimes.

That’s why there’s Capsol—your off-the-clock squad that comes through with tips and tricks to live your best nurse life.

Working with Nurse Recruiters

Working with Nurse Recruiters

Nurses seeking new job positions might find it helpful to work with a professional nurse recruiter. Also known as headhunters, employment recruiters can help nurses with job searches, interviews, and job offers. A good nurse recruiter can guide, coach, and support nurses to land their dream job.

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Quick Guide to Online MSN Programs for Full-Time Nurses

Quick Guide to Online MSN Programs for Full-Time Nurses

Before settling on a program, consider what will work best for your schedule, budget, and learning style. Online MSN programs vary in terms of: length, clinical hour requirements, affordability, and student support programs. Time for nurses already working full-time is valuable. Before making a commitment to this educational goal, weigh the options. Spend time asking questions. Here are some other important points to keep in mind.

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