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Our relentless research goes beyond shoes. Capsol allows us to talk all things nursing, from career advice and current news to self-care and mental health. These conversations with you, the community, and the world at large help us put our best foot forward when creating the best nursing shoes on the planet.

What Makes Us, US

Capsol is the exact dose of feel-good you need after a long shift—your online community of nurses who just get it and are right there with you. With judgement-free, supportive vibes all around, this is your space to let loose and finally put your care first.


We know you don’t have loads of time. That’s why we focused on building a library of short, 3-minute reads to cover topics you care about—like dealing with EHR burden, making the jump from RN to NP, or even finding the perfect foot mask (the heel pain is real!).


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Hey, my name is Jenny and I’m not a nurse but…

…I discovered early on that nurses are special people. I spent a lot of time in hospitals when my mom and dad both went through rounds of cancer treatments—it was rough but my family got through it because every nurse made us feel seen and cared for.

Years later, I married a nurse and saw the same qualities in him. But I also got a firsthand look into a different side of nursing—the long hours, exhaustion, frustration…all the emotional ups and downs. I saw my husband and his co-workers put so much into their life’s work yet no one was ever putting them first.

That’s why I started Capsol—to create a space where nurses are the top priority. It’s the least I can do after all they’ve done for my family personally and everything nurses continue to do for patients around the world.

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