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Subscription Services: Are They Actually Helpful for Busy Nurses?

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Subscription Services: Are They Actually Helpful for Busy Nurses?

Nowadays, you can get a subscription service for anything. Socks and underwear? Yep. Dinner? Of course. A new wine to try on the weekend. You bet! But the real question is – are these services actually helpful for nurses with busy schedules? Well, let’s break it down. 

Subscription Services: Are They Actually Helpful for Busy Nurses?

First off, usefulness really depends on the subscription service; there are some subscriptions that might not be useful for your specific situation. Having that monthly fee coming out of your bank account for a product you don’t use simply isn’t healthy for your savings goals! Of course, there are seemingly infinite subscription services, but whether they are helpful or not mostly depends on your lifestyle; they can give you a lot of stuff you don’t need or have time to deal with, or it could potentially provide a good self-care item. 

Here’s what we recommend: pick one or two areas where you could really use help. What areas in your life have been keeping you up at night? What do you not have time for anymore? What are you wanting to do, but don’t know where to start? These are the places that a subscription service could potentially help.

Maybe for you, grocery shopping is impossible and you could use a dinner box subscription service. Or maybe, you desperately need to update your wardrobe but haven’t found the time – that is another good place for a subscription service. Whatever your situation, below are some popular areas to consider. They might just fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle!

Dinner Kits

Dinner kits can be good for the rest of the family to make on the days or nights that you work past dinner time – or for when you’re simply too tired to stop by the store or craft something out of what you already have in the fridge or pantry. Dinner kits usually take 30 minutes or less, can be adjusted to accommodate diets, and come with clear instructions. 

Check out: Gobble, Sun Basket, Hello Fresh

Subscription Services: Are They Actually Helpful for Busy Nurses?

Undergarment Boxes

If you find that shopping for undergarments simply isn’t in the schedule, try a subscription service that focuses on this area. These boxes ship you new undergarments every few months, or on a schedule of your choosing, and can be real time-savers. Your underwear drawer will thank you, trust us.

Check out: Bootay Box, Me Undies, Leg Appeal

Clothing Boxes

As nurses, some of us don’t even have time to go shopping for scrubs let alone “real people” clothes! Clothing subscription boxes can keep you looking fabulous off-the-clock with little-to-no work. These subscription services tend to be size-inclusive and have a wide variety of styles and colors to fit any taste!

Check out: Stitch Fix, Dia & Co, Trunk Club

Cleaning Supply Subscriptions

Talk about a headache – you finally have some time to take care of some cleaning, and you find out you’re out of the products you need! I mean, how many times have you run out of laundry detergent and didn’t even know until you have no clean clothes left? Ugh! This is where a cleaning supply subscription could come in handy!

Check out: Smol, Grove Collaborative, Clean Cult

Subscription Services: Are They Actually Helpful for Busy Nurses?

Self Care/Hobby Boxes

Self-care is so important, especially as a busy nurse. Choosing a subscription service that includes some of your favorite things or hobbies is a nice treat that comes right to your door – no effort involved. With the right subscription, you could have the perfect way to unwind at your fingertips. 

Check out: Fab Fit Fun, Crafty Box, Flaviar

Ultimately, whether or not subscription boxes are helpful for your busy schedule depends on your lifestyle. However, we think that some well-chosen subscription services can do a world of difference in your busy schedule. And don’t forget, places like Amazon allow you to set up custom combinations of the products you use most on a subscription service.

What do you think? Do you have a subscription service you swear by? Join the conversation below!

Katelyn Johnson

Katelyn Johnson


Katelyn has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and five years of clinical experience. She has made the shift to full-time freelance writing and enjoys covering topics on nursing careers, lifestyle, and community. Her goal is to help start a conversation and spread awareness around the many ups and downs of the healthcare field.


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