How to Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Scrubs

How to Stay Warm & Cozy In Your Scrubs

How to Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Scrubs

You wear scrubs all year, and generally, they are pretty comfortable during the moderate and warmer months. But what about the colder months? November is finally here, and with it comes a temperature drop and those first snows and frosts.

So, how do you modify your scrubs to keep you warm and cozy all fall and winter long?

We’ve got your covered! Look no further than below for the only tips you’ll need this season to keep you feeling and looking great all-shift-long.

How to Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Scrubs

Long Sleeves

One of the easiest ways to stay warm during the colder months is through layering your scrubs. Keep some solid-colored cotton or thermal long sleeved shirts on hand so you can easily layer for warmth. You can also snag some fun patterns for when you want to add an extra dash of style!

Long Underwear

Long or thermal underwear can be helpful in keeping your legs warm beneath your scrubs. You don’t need anything fancy in this category, just snag some body-hugging thermals that you can comfortably wear hidden under your daily scrubs.

How to Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Scrubs
How to Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Scrubs


Time to get in touch with your inner Taylor Swift and get those old cardigans out!  We love cardigans because they can help add an extra layer of warmth, but allow you to keep the front open for badge displaying. While wearing cardigans is subject to what your hospital’s policy is, this is a helpful strategy for many nurses.  See.. Look how good he looks in it.

Cozy Socks

Yay, socks! Here’s where you can go a little crazy with the style if you want. Your feet are directly tied in to how warm the rest of your body is. That being said, take the opportunity to keep your toes warm with thick socks. Why not take the opportunity to wear some socks in fun colors or holiday patterns?

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How to Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Scrubs


inVEST in a vest!  There are plenty of good options out there. Figs makes options that match your scrubs, but you can also find basic colors like Black, Burgundy, Navy, White, and Teal at or If you splurge, you can even get a heated vest at

What’s your favorite way to stay warm in the colder months? Snap a pic and share it on Instagram.

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