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Clubs for Nurses on Clubhouse

Clubs for Nurses on Clubhouse

The Clubhouse app offers diverse opportunities. This month Clubhouse launches its Android version internationally. If you haven’t used Clubhouse yet, be warned. It has been referred to as “crackhouse.” Because you know you shouldn’t go. You have other things you should be doing. But you can’t help but go in. It can be addictive. 

The by-invitation-only app has introduced another layer to social media presence. Users create a profile and then follow individuals or celebrities they know and topics that interest them. They can see chat rooms by title or topic and view names and thumbnail pictures of those in the room listening or talking. Everyone can pop in or out of rooms, join conversations, or even debate total strangers. While many people have been hesitant to meet new people, Clubhouse is connecting strangers globally in a unique way. The platform allows users to discuss politics, listen to live music, perform stand-up comedy on open-mic. They can practice Mandarin or learn how to invest in real estate. 

A recent Newsweek article said the platform is helping medical professionals battle COVID and described it as “a powerful hub where medical professionals are coming together discussing anything from clinical work to mindset to stress-management and beyond.” Imagine being able to talk to other nurses, CNAs, nursing students, doctors, or even non-healthcare professionals from wherever you are, whenever you want, about whatever is on your mind. 

The catch is, like other social media, the system has an algorithm. The application will curate your experience based on who and what you follow. You will see clubs that are related to the people and topics you follow. So word of advice, the more diverse your selections, the more interesting conversations you will find. Here are a few clubs for nurses to check out on Clubhouse.

Nurses Connect

Nurses Connect is the largest nurses club on the app. The founders started the club to give nurses a chance to network with others in the field, build connections, and gain insight. They meet weekly on Sunday evenings and have random “pop-up” rooms for special topics from time to time.


Nurse Talk on Clubhouse

An ICU travel nursepreneur started nurse Talk. This community provides a safe space for nursing professionals to discuss topics that will empower and educate. The Nurse Talk club does not have a regular schedule posted. So turn on notifications within the app to catch the next room.

Meditation Room

There will be days when nurses will not want to talk to nurses about nursing. That is why nurses need to join the Meditation Room. This club exists to bring mindfulness and meditation practices to the masses. It hosts daily rooms for 10-minute meditations, nightly sound baths, guided meditation sessions, support groups, and more.🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏼🧘🏽‍♂️

The Travel Nurse Guide on Clubhouse

The Travel Nurse Guide is a community based around travel nursing. They open rooms to connect and share experiences, ideas, and tips. If you have thought about travel nursing or want to learn more about this specialty, this club would be a great space to check out.

Mental Health Matters on Clubhouse

This Mental Health Matters Club discusses different aspects of mental health, including imposter syndrome, business burnout, self-care, pandemic impact, wellbeing, equity, self-esteem, and more. Founded by a clinical social worker, this club gives healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals education and support to help promote mental health and awareness. 


These clubs for nurses to check out on Clubhouse highlight a few of the many opportunities this platform provides for support, connection, and education. Let us know which one is your favorite or what other clubs nurses should join.

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Sarah Falcone BSN, RN

Sarah Falcone BSN, RN


Sarah S. Falcone BSN, RN is a dedicated nurse based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. Her first nursing gig, was night-shift floor nurse in women's services (PP, L&D, nursery). Through a series of fortunate events, she found home health and a passion for helping seniors age in place. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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