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The 3 Best Exercises for Nurses

best exercises

The 3 Best Exercises for Nurses

On their feet for 12 or more hours each workday means nurses certainly get enough on-the-job physical activity. It isn’t necessary to focus on exercise for health. Right? Well, maybe.

Nurses get a workout at work. Despite this necessary physical activity, they should make an effort to exercise away from work. Attention to regular physical and mental activity can improve and maintain wellness at all ages and stages of life. To get the most out of an exercise routine, nurses should balance cardio and weight training. 

Regular exercise keeps nurses in top form. So what are the best exercises for nurses? Here are a few suggested activities to add to the workweek. 

Best Exercises for Nurses

Nursing is physically and mentally demanding. Yet, one study found that, in general, nursing work predominantly consisted of light-duty. Therefore, many nurses make sure they are getting enough recreational exercise. 

One benefit of regular exercise is endurance. Long shifts have been linked to nurse fatigue and may pose risks for nurses and patient quality of care. That staying power lets nurses keep going when the going gets tough. The best exercises for nurses build strength and endurance. 

Among the best exercises for nurses are:

  • Yoga
  • Weight Training
  • Hiking

These activities can be fun, cheap, and easy to get started. Nurses that want to invite their bestie or work spouses along can make these group activities. If you’ve never tried these top exercises for nurses, here is why you should consider these top exercises for nurses.

best exercises for nurses yoga

Bent Out of Shape? Try Yoga.

Did you know that yoga can reduce stress by 27.01% and improve sleep quality by 38.68%? Well, that’s what researchers found in a four-week study of nurses working in a hospital setting. 

Yoga is an ancient eastern practice that has held a prominent place in holistic medicine for centuries. Today, many gyms, health clubs, and organizations offer yoga classes to teach some basics of body movement and breathwork. 

Today nurses who want to practice yoga can find many mobile apps, youtube videos, and other resources for free practices. This best exercise for nurses is great for all ages and fitness levels and can be practiced anywhere. Some nurses have even chosen to pass this “secret remedy” for health on to their patients.

best exercises for nurses weight training

Tired of All The Heavy Lifting? Try Weight Training.

It takes a strong person to do the job of a nurse. Resistance training or weight lifting can make them stronger. 

Strength training is versatile. One can use their body weight (think pushups), free weights, or machines in a gym setting. 

Weight training is amazing because it builds muscle while increasing strength and endurance. Nurses gain the physical stamina it takes to care for patients in a variety of settings. Weight lifting offers many health benefits, from weight control and increased energy to improved mood and hormone regulation. That is why it is one of the best exercises for nurses.

Pro tip! Want to burn extra calories for doing nothing? A recent study found that women had increased basal metabolic rates and continued to burn more calories up to 48 hours after weight lifting. 

best exercises for nurses hiking

Take a Peak, Get Outdoors. Try Hiking.

Ok, so you walked 15,000 steps today. Why would you want to go hiking?

Hiking can be great for the mind, body, and soul because it offers a change of scenery. A lot of nurses spend most of their lives indoors. And under fluorescent lighting. Let’s not get started on that

It can be easy to disconnect from nature and the world around us. Taking your exercise to the great outdoors can be one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for nurses. Hiking improves health and wellness by:

  • Improving heart health
  • Increasing bone density
  • Building muscle
  • Lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Improving mood, lowering stress

Hiking can be a great way to clear the mind and exercise the body. It is one of the best exercises for nurses.

Best Resources for Exercises

Nurses who want to know more and reap the benefits of these exercises should check out these resources.










Don’t be that nurse. You know, the one that forgets to take care of themself. When the plane is going down, you have to put your oxygen mask on first to help others. 

Put one of these best exercises on your planner or in your calendar now. Then let us know what you think is the best exercise for nurses.

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Sarah Falcone BSN, RN

Sarah Falcone BSN, RN


Sarah S. Falcone BSN, RN is a dedicated nurse based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. Her first nursing gig, was night-shift floor nurse in women's services (PP, L&D, nursery). Through a series of fortunate events, she found home health and a passion for helping seniors age in place. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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