3 Hair Accessories Trends For Your Updo

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Cue the 90s music- hair accessories are back! From statement clips to headbands and scrunchies, all of your classic favorites are back and right on-trend. With little time to worry about your ‘do before work, these three hair accessory trends will make you feel and look put together for the day.

3 Hair Accessories Trends For Your Updo

1. Statement Clips

Pearls, metallics, sparkles- time to bedazzle that updo! Whether you’re using just one or layering on multiple, clips keep your mane looking polished. Try adding multiple clips at the base of a topknot for a trendy touch.

3 Hair Accessories Trends For Your Updo

Source: Stradivarius

3 Hair Accessories Trends For Your Updo

Source: Free People

2. Headbands

Not only do headbands keep the hair out of your face while on the job, but they can also add a fun pop of color or print to your daily look. Floral prints and braided details in pastel colors are perfect for the Spring and Summer months.

Anthropologie Headbands

Source: Anthropologie

Pac Sun Headbands

Source: PacSun

3. Scrunchies

Remember when you kept a scrunchie on your wrist back in the day? Yep- they’re back. Scrunchies are a stylish alternative to your basic hair tie, and they come in so many fun colors and prints! For a feminine accent, try one with a bow attached.

Free the People Scrunchies

Source: Free People

LuLu's Scrunchies

Source: Lulu’s

Who said wearing your hair up has to be boring? These hair accessories add color, print, and a trendy accent to your scrubs.

Have you tried the hair accessory trend yet? Which one is your favorite?

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Capsol Team



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