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Gift Guide: Celebrate the Nurse Educators In Your Life

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It’s National Teacher Appreciation week. Time to celebrate those amazing educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching and empowering us with the knowledge we need to grow, thrive, and be the best that we can be. For nurses, this is a time dedicated to celebrating the nursing instructors who helped propel us into the roles we’re in today.

Gift Guide: Celebrate the Nurse Educators In Your Life

Finding the perfect gift to honor those special nursing instructors can be tricky. We’ve got just the thing to help. Check out these 9 gifts that are the perfect way to say thank you.

1. Custom Heartbeat Necklace

Price: $45.99 and up

There’s not a nurse instructor alive that wouldn’t love one of these custom necklaces paying tribute to the medical community. Customize and purchase here.

(Photo Credit: CodeBlueJewelry on Etsy)

Custom Heartbeat Necklace

2. Messenger Bag

Price: $64

A durable and stylish messenger bag can really make a difference in a nurse instructor’s day, making it easy to transport papers, lunch, and other personal effects throughout the day. They’ll love this leather one on Overstock.Com.

(Photo Credit: Overstock.Com)

Messenger Bag

3. Cell Phone Sanitizer

Price: $49.99

Let’s face it, cell phones are gross. Anyone in the medical industry will appreciate the ability to sanitize their phones in less than 6 minutes. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

(Photo Credit: Consolidated Holdings on Amazon)

Cell Phone Sanitizer

4. Stylish Badge Clip

Price: $8.49

With most nurses and nurse instructors having to wear badges throughout the day, it’s always fun to be able to personalize them with badge clips. Check out these nurse-geared ones here.

(Photo Credit: UniformAdvantage.Com)

Stylish Badge Clip

5. ANA Subscription

Price: $174 annually

There’s a lot of benefits that come along with joining the ANA, including discounts and networking opportunities. If your instructor isn’t already a member, consider signing them up.

(Photo Credit: ANA)

ANA Subscription
6. Aromatherapy

Price: $23.99

Anyone with a job as demanding as a nurse instructor will appreciate an aromatherapy diffuser to help them unwind and de-stress at the end of a long day. Here’s one to consider.

(Photo Credit: Renewer on Amazon)

Aromatherapy Products

7. Smartwatch

Price: $99

Anything to help busy nurse instructors stay organized, connected and healthy is appreciated. Consider purchasing them a smartwatch, like this Fitbit.

(Photo Credit: Kohls)

Smart Watch - FitBit

8. Thermos or Tumbler

Price: $35.95

Help keep your favorite nurse instructor hydrated with a thermos or tumbler, like this one from Hydroflask.

(Photo Credit: Hydroflask)

Water Bottle - Hydro Flask

9. Nurse T-Shirt

Price: $18.75 and up

Who doesn’t love a good nurse t-shirt? Check out these at Zazzle.Com.

(Photo Credit: Zazzle.Com)

Capsol Team

Capsol Team



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